Employer name: Clambake Restaurant
Program Option: Full Neo Sponsor Placed
Location: Scarborough, ME

Community: Scarborough, Maine in the Greater Portland region, is popular for bird-watching and sun-bathing on the beach. Just moments from South Portland and Old Orchard, the city of Scarborough is one of Maine’s most beautiful ocean communities.

Company: Seafood Restaurant

Start date: 05/25 – 06/10
End date: 08/20 – 09/10

Positions & Rates / Per Hour
Restaurant Attendant (Back of House) – $14 (Overtime rate – $21)
Weekly Hours: 40 +

• Housing in a Shared Apartment includes shared 2-4 person rooms, a shared bath,
kitchen and living room with basic furniture, utilities, electricity, and water.
• Housing Fee : $125 per week
• Housing Payment Upon Arrival: $375
• Transportation: biking / bus